Our Services

The Rajvanshi & Associates Enforcement Consultants Private Limited, due to its work and experience, has gained special status. Important areas of expertise are as follows

Securitization Services and legal matters

  • NPA Management of Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Preparation of various Notices & Obtaining DM Orders. Monitoring of Case till public auction.
  • Enforcement of Security Interest under Securitization & Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 and all allied Acts in favor of the Banks, financial institutions and financial companies to carry out the recovery work. Performing the functions and duties of Recovery/Enforcement Agents such as search and survey of the borrower's/guarantor's/Mortgagor's movable and immoveable assets, prepare inventory thereof, get/obtain valuation thereof by the Valuer, and take steps for seizing and/or otherwise taking possession of the Secured Assets and/or for such other actions for recovery of dues as may be assigned to it.
  • Prepare/ provide Pre inspection and preparation of viability reports, Preparation and Issuance of various notices to the borrower/co-borrower/guarantor etc, Filing of suit before district magistrate and appearance, Obtaining Orders from magistrate, Obtaining help of Police for taking possession of movable and immovable properties, Taking possession in stocks and preparing the panchnama and inventory, arrange for storage, maintenance, preservation and locking up arrangements, as appropriate, of the movable\fixed\immovable assets so taken over, Safe keeping the goods in the ware house/ godown, make arrangement for security, insurance and/ or any other action required to ensure safety. Safe guarding the assets by appointing security guards, send notices to the debtors of the borrower- and follow-up collection, To arrange for valuation of movable/immovable assets, To arrange for sale of the assets with or without auction, To assist the authorized officer in receipt of sale proceeds, issuance of sale certificate and all other necessary formalities prescribed, Providing necessary assistance for collection\recovery from borrowers.
  • To provide services for tracing assets culminated out of diverted funds/ Bank frauds, ascertaining addresses of missing borrowers/ guarantors/ liable parties, ascertaining attachable assets of liable parties and to get to know the details investigating the level of activity of the unit, state of securities charged to the bank and prospects of realization thereof, Pilferage of charged securities/ Diversion of fund/ other related offences of bank fraud, To detect and investigate any suspected forgery of documents etc. to provide details about present ownership/ encumbrances etc. to provide present address/ activities/ standings of the obligants, Other assets in the name of obligants/ their close relations, to provide details of allied/ associate concerns, to provide the addresses/ whereabouts of Directors/ Guarantors, to provide Development in respect of Police/ CBI investigation to provide prospects of realization of dues through court/ through out of court settlement
  • To provide financial, Insurance and/or management consultancy. To take the services of professionals including lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants, management consultants, engineers, detectives, security consultants, architects, valuers, insurance consultants, financial consultants etc.

Project Fund Management and Syndication Matters

  • Corporate Debt assignments of various banks and inter companies and inter banks funds assignments including declaration of trusts and transfers.
  • Corporate Loans Syndication.
  • Project appraisal, internal and external ratings including TVR Reports.
  • Certification on fund induced and funds utilisation.
  • Preparation of DPR and debt management and debt consolidation.

Legal and Property Matters

  • Corporate due diligence including legal search of properties with complete inspection of land revenue records of Govt.
  • Appearance before Registrar for registration of various kinds of deeds and agreements such as executions of title deeds, trust registration, assignment of debt, declaration of trust, power of attorneys.
  • Valuation and legal opinion for funding and public auctions, including vetting of tile deeds.